Gold Medal Winner: 2015 Wishing Shelf Book Awards, Teenager Category

Winner: 2015 Indie BRAG Medallion

Honorable Mention: 2015 Reader Views Literary Awards, Teenager Category

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Here one can neither stand nor lie nor sit

There is not even silence in the mountains

But dry sterile thunder without rain

There is not even solitude in the mountains

But red sullen faces sneer and snarl

From doors of mud-cracked houses

In a dark future, Jessia and Isaias, two pleb teenagers scraping a living by selling scrap out of the dump, want to program, become citizens and escape the fetid slum lanes of Community 17. But if they don't both make it, they will be eternally separated.

Can Jessia share her feelings with Isaias and risk their friendship? Can she allow herself to love a man that might remain a pleb forever? Can he?

Living in Community 17, Isaias is exposed to a constant push-pull struggle. He wants to escape the fetid slum lanes by becoming a citizen—if he can only pass programming. He has a dream: a small home in the city, married to Jessia, surrounded by his children at his knees. Is that life even in his grasp?

A dystopian tale that sizzles, sparkles and pops with energy, ingenuity, imagination, and a wonderfully heightened sense of adventure. You won't want to put it down until the dramatic ending.

In Community 17, all is not what it seems. Woe to any pleb found associating with the free thinkers for those taken to harmonization are never seen again. The free thinkers desire to upend society and stop the foul and inhumane treatment of plebs by alerting citizens to their plight through violent insurrection. They engage Isaias to that aim. The reward for successfully carrying out a mission is Shambala, a place where one can think freely. But is Shambala the paradise every pleb says it is?

A tale of a controlling society and the fatal choice to join it or fight against its atrocities, Community 17 is sure to delight fans of dystopian, romance drama.

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Editorial Reviews:

A chilling story in the best tradition of SF. A must read!
Winifred Morris—Author of Bombed

This book caused my spine to tingle with the very first sentence and the intensity of the storyline kept it tingling through to the very last page! Some of the characters will enrage you, while others will tug at your heartstrings; all of them will evoke emotions that will leave imprints in your mind long after you put down the book.

A great book. Strong and magnetic moments. Excellently portrayed.
Ann Girdharry—Author of Trading with Death 

Makes you think. A whirlwind of conflict.
Kayl A. Karadjian—Author of Broken Blades Don't Sing

Full of action-packed drama, heightened suspense, and young romance, all in the middle of trying to save the world from a dystopian society. Great read!

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