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Cardona, James. "Interviews."


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I have only recently started doing interviews, mainly for book blogs. It is a lot of fun, but I didn't initially do many because of how time consuming it is. After doing a few, though, I have found the enjoyment I gained from it to far outweigh the time it takes away from writing a new book. The questions not only cover the book being discussed but also details about me and how I write, inspirations, etc.

On this page I will post links to the original bloggers site along with a link to a page on my site that carries the full transcript of the interview. I only do this as a backup in the case the original site disappears into the cyber-ether.



I was interviewed shortly after the release of Santa Claus vs. The Aliens by Nerisa Waterman for her book blog, myoho-sisters. This was the first book interview that I ever participated in so I was a little nervous. Nerisa was great and it went well. Here is the original link and here is a link to the extract of the interview if you are having trouble with her site. Nerisa was so excited about the book that she also made a little video trailer about the book which she posted on youtube.



I was interviewed after Community 17 won its third award, the Indie BRAG Medallion, by Stephanie Moore-Hopkins for her book blog, Layered Pages. The blog is really cool, I think, because it looks at not only good books, but the characteristics that make one. Some of the blog posts critique covers. Other posts are books revies, while others are about the book publishing industry and its many evolving changes or just about the act of writing. Many of the blog posts are done by guests who are either authors or otherwise in the publishing or blogging industry. Lots of interesting stuff there. Here is the original link and here is a link to the extract of the interview if you are having trouble with her site.