Finalist: 2014 The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, Teen Category

Winner: 2014 Inde BRAG Medallion

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Can a fourteen year old and an odd character dressed as Santa Claus stop the aliens and save the planet?

When Edwin cuts his finger, dripping a few drops of blood onto a bone-colored tracking device, he becomes a target of a group of aliens that think he holds the secret to the human race's defeat. The only person who seems to know what to do is a fat man wearing a Santa Claus suit and he somehow seems to know just a little too much.

Who is he and why does he know so much? Where did the aliens come from and what are they after? Can a Fourteen year old wandering the cold, empty streets of Manhattan late on Christmas Eve and an odd character dressed as Santa Claus stop the aliens, save the planet and discover the true meaning of Christmas?

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Editorial Reviews:

Love it. The right mix of humor, danger and whimsy
Patricia Hamill, author of The Shadows of Valor Series

This was definitely one of the most creative children's stories I've ever read, and a far more clever approach to explain the existence of Santa than the usual North Pole story!
Kirsten Jany, author of Enter to Win

A mash-up of a Christmas tale about a dysfunctional family coming together with science fiction with a darker edge. I liked the period and the setting of the book as well as the retro feel of the situations and the conflicts. The pace of the novel was brisk with events moving forward smoothly and the reader constantly engaged with new developments.
Vardan Partamyan, author of I, the Provocetuer

A welcome breath of fresh air… told in a lively style. This book shines with freshness and I feel is a delightful addition to the canon of Christmas stories.
Marc Secchia, author of The Pygmy Dragon and the Shapeshifter Dragons series

A fun adventure for young readers… Even as an adult, I found this story enjoyable. Highly recommended!
Lana Axe, author of A Story of River Series

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