A teenage girl tries to discover herself in a futuristic world of genetic modification, extreme sports and new science. Oh, and there just happens to be a dimensional portal too.

In book one of the NuGen series, Gabriella, a teenage girl tries to discover who killed her father and why, all the while trying to avoid her mother's boyfriend, Smith, who seems to be unusually interested in her DNA and escape NuGen, who she thinks killed her father and are after her next. Finally, while trapped in between dimensions in the transport machine, she is contaminated with black spots.

The black spots are affecting Gabriella's personality and disposition. Can she remove the black spots received in another dimension when the dimensional transport machine project has been shut down? What are they and why do Kyle's followers all have them?

An aging disease appears that affects modified atheletes including some of Gabriella's closest friends. Can her father's lost research provide the solution? Can she find it before NuGen? If Gabriella is modified, will she be next to fall to the disease?

And the biggest mystery of all is answered. Who is the Void man? Is it her father's ghost?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in book two of the nuGen series.

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Editorial Reviews:

Good, solid, clean sci-fi for YA and above, which does not pull punches when it comes to the big questions.

Marc Secchia-- author of The Pygmy Dragon and the Shapeshifter Dragons series

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