A teenage girl tries to discover herself in a futuristic world of genetic modification, extreme sports and new science. Oh, and there just happens to be a dimensional portal too.

This science fiction tale sizzled and sparkled with energy, ingenuity, imagination, and a wonderfully heightened sense of adventure! --B White, Amazon

Called "Compelling," "so good!" and a "Great story that draws you in." Reviewers are saying, "I was completely hooked."
A tightly packed piece of work that demonstrates that this author knows his way around a story.--Robin Lynn, Amazon

Gabriella, a teenage girl who recently lost her genetics researcher father in suspicious circumstances, discovers that she is a surprisingly good athlete and the only "non-modified" able to compete with genetically modified super-athletes. Did she become this way because of a genetic modification experiment her father conducted? Who killed her father and why? Are they after her? (Hint: They are.)

Due to her notoriety, a scientist presents her the opportunity to be the spokesperson for his new invention, the Dimensional Transport Machine. With NuGen on her heels and her father's ominous warnings, Gabriella is on a quest to find out her true identity and solve the mystery of her dad's murder. Using the machine unleashes a bizarre and entertaining series of events that helps Gabriella discover who she is and who she wants to be.

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