A hands-on guide giving instruction and anecdotal, experiential stories of situations where miracle working faith was released effectively through prayer for divine healing and deliverance, this book would suit you well as a Bible study aid or personal development guide.

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Does prayer work?

One reviewer said, "God's Holy Spirit is in this book He was touching my heart as I read and prayed through it. (I would just weep in some sections)"

Another said, "This book is dripping with anointing."

This book is based of approximately five years of my experience in working in prayer tent ministries at various food and clothing outreaches, revival meetings and church prayer meetings. The book shows what worked and what didn't. The purpose of this book is to help you unlock miracle working faith in your prayers so that you and your family, friends, loved ones and even complete strangers will be healed, set free and delivered.

So many people have spiritual problems, mental or emotional difficulties and physical hardships and Jesus said that they can be set free. So many feel the burning desire to pray for these needs but do not do so because of lack of confidence or knowledge. Do you want to gain that confidence?

Unlike so many other "self-help" books that aim to help an individual pray for themselves and unlock his or her own faith. The perspective of this book is aimed at helping you pray for others.

Others pray but have mixed results, some receiving healing, others do not. Do you want to see people healed by God? Do you want to see people set free? Do you want success every time? Pick up this book and find out how! Start reading and become an expert at ministering to people through prayer. Learn through reading the first hand experiences I had praying for people.

This book doesn't offer statistics or reams of data but provide individual accounts of what worked and what didn't. Recorded in this book are stories of a woman healed of pancreatic cancer, one who rose for a wheel chair and walked, skin cancer, intestinal problems, damaged limbs and others.

It wasn't easy and it didn't come naturally. This book will help you avoid the mistakes that I made. Read about how I crawled through the trenches, got banged-up, scraped, and bruised along the way, gaining the knowledge and experience to pray for people to be healed. Don't waste another moment praying in hope that things will get all better. Learn how to pray in faith. Learn how to pray with results!

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